The Eden Experience

Some thousands of years ago everyone was in a state of happiness, in a world very different from ours, in a place called The Garden of Eden…

The Eden Experience Zevenwacht Wine Estate

With three different vegan food vendors that offered a variety of choices from Pizza / Burgers / Juices and so much more no one could go hungry while attending this 12-hour Festival.

Truck Norris The Eden Experience

We all have been in the situation where you wake up in the morning and want to check your valuables only to find that you’ve lost some of them leaving you with a mini heart attack. This could’ve been prevented with Locked on the premises providing you with a locker in which you can also charge your phone at a reasonable price.

B_Soulfull and Koder were first on stage and this was the beginning of the journey to a state of happiness followed by Andrea Scholtz with a lineup that was bursting out of its seams. As the day progressed more festivalgoers arrived and made their way to one of the two designated bar areas that had more than enough staff on duty to

The Eden Experience Koder B Soulfull
Koder & B Soulfull

accommodate everyone in a timely fashion, after which some of them explored the terrain. With the sun sitting high in the sky, which better way to enjoy your drink than next to the water.

Even though I think that the majority that attended the festivals age range was between 18 and 40 it didn’t stop families from turning this into a family day, you could see these gatherings as they enjoyed the music somewhere on a bench, under a tree.

Zevanwacht Dam

With Ikon and Casto busy with their performance the sun started to set over Zevenwacht Wine Estate and the stage started to light up. With DJ’s like Cinimin / DURS and Portal the tables have literally turned, we have now officially reached the point of no return…

The Eden Experience Sunset

For the rest of the night, we were entertained with dancers/fire dancers and some of the best music and acts. The next song was always the best song, there was really no time to rest for the wicked and weary as the magnet-like stage ensured that that dancefloor was overflowing for the rest of the night.

Everyone was in a state of happiness, I was in a state of happiness …

But as we all know the Eden experience can only last for so long…

The Eden Experience

Carbon Events really went above and beyond with this festival. This was truly an experience that I will never forget.

Special thank you to Nick from Carbon Events for giving me this opportunity.

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