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Table Bay Mall – The Lounge Wine And Cocktail Bar

Friday the 26th of March was the official launch of The Lounge a new Wine and Cocktail bar situated in Table Bay Mall.

The Lounge is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail, a glass of wine, or a beer. Not only do they specialize in making fancy drinks, but they also serve what must be the best chili poppers.

In the video, Jerry shows us how they prepare Lime Bubbles. Lime Bubbles is their signature cocktail containing Tequila, citrus liquor, and of course bubbles. One of the many

Whether you are exhausted from shopping, want to hang out for a drink after work with your colleagues, or just enjoy a cocktail with your friends. The Lounge would be the perfect place for you to go and do so.

Situated at Entrance Nr. 2 of Table Bay Mall, The Lounge on your right-hand side when you walking past the food cube.

The Lounge Wine & Cocktail Bar

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