My Narcissistic Co-Worker

I’m reporting my co-worker for narcissistic abusive behavior.

As it often happens, I get busy and the result? A cold shoulder, and our relationship? Down the drain, again! But I never complain when I look and my co-worker is nonexistent.  I just have to deal with the silent treatment.

My co-worker can be bitter sometimes leaving me hot and sweaty but the worst part is the sleepless nights where I am left wide awake, retracing my steps.

Even though it’s a hot and cold relationship we need each other, without me my co-worker would be nothing, and I don’t know how I would function without my co-worker, we complement each other well.

You see the thing is we are trapped in a vicious circle, a codependent relationship.

On second thought, I would like to withdraw my complaint…

– Charl van Tonder

Narcissistic abuse is real. Do you think that you are a victim of this type of abuse?

Here is an article that you can read on How To Spot Narcissistic Abuse

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