My Lockdown Story

My Lockdown Story

Share your lockdown story and you could win R1000.00.
Winner will be selected based on the story with the most views on the 31st of May.

We want to know how you are impacted by lockdown as well as how your future will be affected and what your plans are moving forward in no more than 1000 words.

Submissions need to include the following:

  1. Photo of you or your family
  2. Country / Province of residence
  3. Age
  4. Story – No more than 1000 words

Send yours to
We will reply with a link to your submission once approved and loaded on the site!

Winner will be announced on Social Media platforms (Facebook / Instagram) make sure you like these pages to claim your prize. If unclaimed, the prize will be forwarded to the next post in line.

NB: English grammer rules apply: Paragraphs, punctuation etc. If this is not applied, entry will be discarded.

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