Magician Insane – If it’s impossible then why can I do it?

Russel Fox was born with Epilepsy, Asthma, Dyslexia, ADHD, and Tourette’s syndrome.

They told him amongst other things that he will never be able to read or write, a challenging life was waiting for Russel, a then so-called, nobody. Labeled, was the result of shallow tests that weren’t able to see the real talents that were buried a little deeper inside of him!

This didn’t stop Russel. He couldn’t be part of their show so he created his own.

Russel placed his trust in his audience as well as technology. With this being an interactive performance I could only imagine the possible dangers which also left some with their eyes closed as they couldn’t’ bear to witness the final result, things could’ve gone very wrong should technology fail him.

While Russel went to prepare the stage for his final few acts the talented singer SamJam entertained us with his song “Face”. Russel ended the show with his final act, walking on glass and showcased the power of the mind.

But the real power lied in his first act, this is where Russel made a statement. He called a member of the audience and wrote her name on the note that eventually disappeared into thin air. Russel turned around and grabbed a lemon from the table behind him and with a knife, he began to cut open the lemon. And there it was, the R20 note with Sara’s name on it.

And the statement is this: Just because the world can’t see it, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there!

You see, the real magic is in your attitude! Russel’s attitude had everything to do with it. Its what separated him, it’s what turned a nobody into a world record-breaking somebody!

If it’s impossible then why can I do it?

Russel Fox
Russel Fox Magician Insane

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