Cape Town Comedy Festival

Excitement and fear both waiting for you, around every turn, when you find yourself on a highway to the danger zone!

If fear and anxiety normally leaves you pulling back from life and excitement, well, then this is for you!

As I have reached my destination it turns out that the danger zone, is in fact, the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town.

Danger Zone, one of four programs that ran daily between the 2nd and the 8th of March 2020. The Cape Town Internation Comedy Festival hosted a combined total of 15 international artists joining some of our very own on stage.

South Africa left some of these international comedians in awe as they explored the Western Cape and its culture. And others, somewhat surprised. I am still not sure if it was a little bit more, or maybe a little bit less than they expected.

Alonzo Bodden, a Hulk, that will take you out with his punch lines as he introduces the first comedian, Robby Collins a South African stand-up comedian followed by Fern Brady a Scottish comedian that is somewhat one foot in and one out when it comes to relationships.

Fern Brady Cape Town International Comedy Festival 2020
Fern Brady
Robby Collins Cape Town International Comedy Festival 2020
Robby Collins

Well, South Africa is not a first world country, we are used to always standing at the back of the line. At this point, the Coronavirus already introduced itself to most international countries and here I sit listening to Loyiso Gola as he explains funnily why black South Africans are not afraid of this virus, after all, “we have survived Ebola and apartheid”. An excellent South African comedian that I feel, should be standing right next to, or rather, replace Trevor Noah.  

Loyiso Gola Cape Town International Comedy Festival
Loyiso Gola

Jokes aside, Spencer Jones from England makes his way on the stage, well, what a weird character. No need for words here, maybe he is one of the favorites for the night because I could share the stage with him, you can never relive a moment. He made my knees weak, I couldn’t walk down the stairs to get off the stage after standing next to him on a machine that looks like a fat burner vibrating machine, but this one has 99 levels. If it had one more you most probably would’ve crawled when getting off that thing.

Al the way from the US of A, Desiree Burch made peace with the fact that there’s no junk in her trunk. Yip, it looks like she was hit with a dumpster truck from behind.

Jeff Innocent finished the show by taking his real-life struggles and turning it into jokes, from his African-American wife to all the money that he has spent on his son on outings to the salon, clothing stores, and the fear of him turning around and telling his father that he is actually, into women. All that money spent, for what?

The Danger zone, It’s filthy, funny and not for the faint-hearted. 

Jeff Innocent Cape Town Comedy Festival 2020
Jeff Innocent
Desiree Burch Cape Town International Comedy Festival
Desiree Burch
Danger Zone Stage Artscape Theatre Cape Town
Artscape Theatre Cape Town

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