Cape Point

Where Two Oceans meet!  Well, maybe sometimes, or not at all…

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In the year 1487 Bartolomeu Dias and his crew went on an expedition to sail around the southernmost tip of Africa.

Eventually, they reached Walvis Bay and continued south where they sailed right into the middle of a storm. Little did they know that they sailed right around Cape Town and ended up in Mossel Bay.

After Mossel Bay, Bartolomeu Dias wanted to go to India but it seems that his crew was not on the same page and wanted to go back to Portugal which he then, agreed to do.

If he sat sail to India he wouldn’t have found Cape Of Storms because this meant that they had to go back the way they came.

I have highlighted the possible routes as well as the three points between Mossel Bay, Cape Agulhas and Cape Point in the below image which I have grabbed from Google earth.

I can only imagine that he sailed as shown below in the orange line.

We all know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, the distance between Cape Point (Left) and Cape Agulhas (Right) is about 152 km and a total of 330 km between Mossel Bay and Cape Point.

Due to the storms faced, Bartolomeu Dias named it “Cape Of Storms” in 1488.

A few years later King John II renamed it to “Cape of Good Hope”.

Cape Agulhas is said to be the southernmost tip of Afirca and it is here where the Two Oceans meet. Some say that Cape Point is where the Indian and the Atlantic Ocean meet, others say it is somewhere between Cape Agulhas and Cape Point depending on the current.

This leaves me with two more adventures, but for now, leaves you with an interesting argument that you can have with your friends over a bottle of Two Oceans wine…

Click HERE for more information regarding this South African National Park.

Cape Point
Cape Point – South Africa

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